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The Health Benefits Of Living In Smaller Florida Beach Towns Over Living In Big Cities

Choosing to live between a small town and a big city is one of the hardest decisions to make. Although there are still many people who prefer to live in a big city, most people prefer to live in smaller beach towns in Florida because of the many health benefits that they can get out of it.

A small town, much more a beach town, means getting better air quality. For example, in the Florida Keys, a group of islands located southeast of the United States, actually only has a population of around 80,000 as of the year 2013. This means that the place has less homes, cars, and businesses that are ultimately responsible for air pollution. It is really important to consider the quality of air in the place you are living, because air pollution can result in health hazards such as respiratory and cardiovascular conditions.

Beach towns in Florida are also smaller, and this means that many people find less need for using their car all the time. Even if everyone does use a car, there are fewer people so there is less traffic for you to worry about.
Traffic is one of the main reasons why people get stressed out, both physically and mentally. Getting stressed out means releasing hormones that can cause headaches, lower immunity, impaired memory and skin issues among others, which is never a good thing for our body to go through. Living in a more stress free environment conditions our mind and body to be healthier.

It is also less stressful for you to live in a small Florida beach town compared to living in a big city because you are much closer to nature. Experiencing the cleanliness of the town combined with beautiful beaches and the warm climate can eliminate stress and worry so much easier. Being far away from the bustling business centers of the metro, the hub of noise pollution, is also a factor that makes small beach town a better living environment.

A small town also has a much better appeal for families who are looking to settle down and also to people who are looking forward to retirement because it is safer to live in a smaller beach town compared to the big city. This is because small beach towns have closer-knit communities resulting to friendlier, much trustworthy neighbors that tend to look out for each other’s safety.

The attraction of eating out in fast foods restaurants is also eliminated when you live in a small beach town, because smaller towns usually have fresher produce available in the market; this is a definite plus for people who prefer to live healthily.

Living in a small Florida Beach town, like Key West, is also a much better choice especially for those people who are on their way to retirement. Small Floridian beach towns are usually relatively quiet and relaxed, so settling down can be far more enjoyable for people who are older. It is important to note that the Florida Keys have lot’s of condos available, making it one of the most popular choices in places to live in.


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